If you are looking for the best winter hiking boots women’s online, then stay in this article.

Winter hiking is much more demanding than hiking in nice weather. Rain, snow, fog, and morning dew are making hiking more difficult because of slippery grounds. Hikers are most concerned about the moisture that can get through the shoe or a boot if they don’t have the proper footwear.

When buying your pair of hiking boots for winter, you should know that they are waterproof and appropriate to use in more demanding weather. So, if you are looking for good women hiking boots, then you should read on.


best winter hiking boots women's

5 best women’s winter hiking boots

If you are a passionate hiker, backpacker, or avid tent camper, then you need quality and well-made boots that will protect your ankles and arch and keep your feet dry while you explore the outdoors. The hiking boots can be used for hiking and exploring the surroundings, no matter if you are walking on the trail or camping with a tent.

Check next models made of quality materials and features rather than being in dilemma which pair to buy from the local store.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots

Columbia is a well-known brand for footwear that offers quality and comfort. The company made classic-style boots with leather, suede construction, and a rubber sole. The product features a seam-sealed construction combined with TECH LITE lightweight midsole. With cushioning and advanced technology, you should hike comfortably on the trail.

You will experience a high grip with these boots due to the signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole. The brand extended the outsole toe overwrap and reinforced the heel and toes to provide you year after year use.

                           PRO                                                              Cons                                    
  • TECHLITE lightweight midsole
  • Durable
  • Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole
  • Reinforced toe and heel construction
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • The tongue sticks out (the dirt can get in)
  • Narrow toe area

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Mishansha Non-Slip Hiking Boots

These are nice-looking boots made of artificial leather that won’t let the moisture inside. They come in various colors, so you shouldn’t have problems with picking your favorite ones. These boots have a rubber sole for a solid grip on the trail.

Toe caps are enhanced with TPR material for anti-collision. Boots are cushioned inside to provide warmth and a comfortable feeling while wearing them. This footwear includes a flexible EVA midsole and anti-skid TPR outsole for wear-resistant cushion support.

                           PRO                                                              Cons                                    
  • Warm
  • Plenty of colors
  • Enhanced TPR material
  • Non-slip
  • Anti-collision toe cap
  • Stiff
  • Not appropriate for a whole day hiking
  • The insoles could be better

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Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots 


Do you want to hike in heavy-duty boots that will provide a solid grip no matter the terrain? Check out the Foxelli footwear for hiking. They come in three colors and are made of suede leather, breathable mesh, and rubber.

The company’s KingTex waterproof membrane keeps the moisture out and feet dry in the hardest weather conditions. Did you know that blisters appear because of moisture inside the footwear and due to uncomfortable shoes? This shouldn’t happen with this pair.

The toe box is cushioned and wide, and the insole is well-padded. Shock absorbent midsoles minimize any impact on joints. Rand guards protect the most vulnerable parts of the shoes. Arch and ankle support is guaranteed. The collar is breathable and well-padded for comfort.

                           PRO                                                              Cons                                    
  • KingTex waterproof membrane
  • Grippy and slip-proof rubber
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Shock-absorbent EVA midsoles
  • Waterproof and breathable mesh
  • The boots can be a little loose at the ankle part
  • Rough shoelaces

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Oboz Women’s Bridger 7” Hiking Boots


These are the Oboz heavy-duty hiking boots that will provide a comfortable outdoor trip in cold temperatures. They are made of Waterproof nubuck leather and rubber so your feet will be protected from moisture no matter where you walk.

The breathable membranes will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Toes are protected due to molded rubber toe caps that also add durability to the model. The footwear includes molder rubber heel kicks with easy on/off lip secure a snowshoe strap. The insoles are thermal wool-topped for a comfortable hike and insulating the bottom of your feet.

                           PRO                                                              Cons                                    
  • Heavy-duty and firm
  • Lightweight
  • Super warm
  • O fit insole thermal technology
  • Granite peak midsole
  • Granite peak outsole
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Could be narrow
  • Shorter construction

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KEEN Women’s TARGHEE II MID Waterproof Hiking Boot


This is a pair of good hiking boots for ladies made by Keen. This leather footwear comes in plenty of colors to choose from. The leather is treated with PFC-free water repellant (without chemicals).

These rubber sole boots have a shaft that measures approximately ankle-high from the arch. Don’t worry about the water coming in since they feature a waterproof membrane that won’t let the moisture in but will let the sweat out (no blisters).

The rubber outsole provides a high-traction grip on rough and muddy terrain. Ankle support and balance are provided on a tough terrain due to the torsion stability External Support Shank (ESS) and mid-cut height. These boots have a metatomical footbed design for arch support.

                           PRO                                                              Cons                                    
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Made for a long hike
  • Great traction
  • Good laces with a non-slip weave
  • Wide toe area
  • No toe cushioning
  • The tongue pokes into the top part of the ankle

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Winter hiking boots buying guide

It is difficult to opt for one pair of boots if you don’t know what to look for. All of them look nice, but which one will fit your feet and make your hiking comfortable? These are the features or factors that you should consider while buying winter footwear for a hiking trail.


The size of the shoes is the most important. If you get the smaller ones, you won’t be able to have a smile on your face at the end of the day. Pain and blisters on your feet will tell you that you didn’t have the right shoes on. Getting too big ones isn’t a good option since your feet won’t be stable inside the shoes.

What I recommend is getting one size bigger boots as you usually wear. If you hike all day, your feet will swell and get bigger, so consider my tip. You can also wear different kinds of socks to fill the gaps inside.


The type of shoes you choose is one of the most important factors to have a safe and pleasant hike.

There are two types that you should know about – day hike boots and backpacking boots. What is the difference between them?

best winter hiking boots women's

Day hike boots

These boots are meant for daily hikes and light backpacking trips. They can be mid-to-high-cut models. The boots are easy to break in and flex with ease. These aren’t as supportive and durable as backpacking ones.

Backpacking boots

If you have a long backpacking journey for a few days or more with a heavy backpack, then rather choose backpacking boots. They are durable and will support your ankles and arch as they should.

Boots for backpacking have stiffer midsoles than day hike footwear to offer a comfortable on or off-trail hike.


The material is as important as type and size, but why? The fabric of the boots impacts their durability, waterproofness, weight, and breathability. Let’s see what the most used materials and their features are.


You will see three types of leather boots; nubuck leather, full-grain leather, and split-grain leather.

Nubuck leather –

Nubuck leather is very durable and offers good weather and abrasion protection. It is full-grain buffed leather that resembles suede. It is quite a flexible material.

Full-grain leather –

Full-grain leather provides excellent water resistance and durability. This material is great to choose if you will hike multiple days on rough terrain and have a heavy-load backpack.

Split-grain leather –

This type of material is more breathable than full-grain leather and is lighter. It usually includes nylon. It is cheaper than full-grain leather; however, less abrasion-resistant.


You can also choose synthetic ones. The most modern shoes include this artificial material (polyester, nylon). What is good about it is the break-in time (breaks soon), lightweight, low cost, and fast dry. However, they wear up faster than leather ones.


As you will hike in the wintertime, I suggest considering the waterproof feature as one of the most important factors when buying winter hiking boots. I am sure that you don’t want to experience wet feet and blisters, so make sure that your model will resist water.

best winter hiking boots women's

How to break the footwear ASAP?

If you want to have a non-painful hiking journey, you should break in the shoes. When you get your new pair of boots, wear them when you are doing tasks in and around the house. Wear them as much as possible. Then go for a short hike on the nearest hill or the wood trail. If you experience ankle pain, for example, you can try different lace techniques to alleviate the issue.

I remember how I tried to break in the leather sports shoes. It took weeks before I was enjoying wearing them (I almost ditched them), so don’t give up too soon and try to make them you are perfect hiking footwear.

Get the footwear that you will love hiking in

Purchasing the right hiking boots isn’t as easy as buying a lollipop. When getting a suitable model for you, consider the models from the list and their features. Also, think about the buying guide factors to opt for the boots that will provide you a comfortable hike without pain and falls. If you liked the best winter hiking boots women’s article, then definitely share it with all your friends.