It’s critical to distinguish real from fake in a world full of copies, particularly when it comes to branded goods like Puma shoes. The well-known sportswear juggernaut Puma is no stranger to imitations. This tutorial will bring you through the crucial stages of how to recognize original Puma shoes so you can be sure you’re investing in the real stuff.

Below we have shared some points which you can keep in mind to identify real Puma shoes.

1.  Puma logo

Start your inspection by closely examining the shoes’ Puma logo. The insignia of genuine Puma shoes is simple and distinct. Take special note of the details, such the body curves and the leaping cat. The logos on counterfeit trainers are frequently deformed or blurry, with irregular features or spacing.

2. Stitching:

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Examine the shoes’ stitching. Real Puma footwear has well-done, accurate stitching. Products that are counterfeit may include loose threads, uneven stitching, or other indications of poor quality. Authentic Puma sneaker is distinguished by its superior stitching.

3. Materials

Original Puma footwear is expertly made with premium components. Look closely at the shoe’s texture, the fabric’s quality, and the overall workmanship. Real Puma footwear ought to feel substantial and be made of high-quality materials. Poor quality materials and careless construction are obvious indicators of fake goods.

4. Barcode and Product Code

how to identify original puma shoes

Inspect the shoes for a product code and barcode. Real Puma footwear will have a product code that matches official records and a barcode that scans properly. Missing or inconsistent codes are possible on counterfeit footwear. If necessary, confirm these codes with the official Puma database.

5. Country of Origin

The country of origin is typically marked on authentic Puma footwear. Verify if the label or tag has this information. Watch out for ambiguous or incorrect details. Puma shoes that are authentic are open about where they are made.

6. Inspect the Packaging

how to identify original puma shoes

Real Puma shoe is presented in attractive packaging. Check the Puma logo, the printing’s quality, and the shoebox’s general appearance. Authentic Puma footwear comes with extras like instruction manuals, tags, and tissue paper. Be cautious of cheaply made or flimsy packaging, as these are frequently seen in counterfeit goods.

7. Be Wary of Low Prices

Although it may not be a 100% reliable strategy, comparing costs might help you decide whether a product is legitimate or not. A deal is probably too good to be true if it seems too excellent. Real Puma footwear is associated with a specific price range; notable departures from this range ought to prompt questions.

8. Purchase from an Authorized Retailer

Always buy Puma shoes from authorised merchants to reduce the chance of purchasing fake goods. Authentic products are more likely to be sold through official Puma stores, reliable sports retailers, and respected internet marketplaces.

FAQs: How to identify original puma shoes

1. How do you know if shoes are original?

Determining the authenticity of shoes involves several factors:

Logo and Branding: Take a thorough look at the logo to look for any inconsistencies in the design, typography, or space.
Material Quality: Real shoes usually use premium materials, so look out for any indications of subpar construction or low-quality materials.
Stitching: Real shoes typically feature well-organized, reliable stitching. Careless sewing could point to a fake.
Packing: Brand-new shoes frequently arrive in elegant packaging with brand-specific information. Inadequate packaging could point to a fake.
Retailer: Be cautious when purchasing from unidentified sources and always buy from authorised shops to assure authenticity.

2. Is Puma made in Vietnam original?

Indeed, Puma produces their footwear in a number of nations, including Vietnam. Authenticity is determined by more than just the nation of manufacture. Take into account the elements listed in question 1 when determining whether a particular pair of Puma sneakers is authentic, and only buy from licenced merchants or the official Puma store.

3. What are verified shoe websites?

Flight Club
Stadium Goods
The RealReal

4. What is the best shoe identification app?

Among the well-liked shoe identification apps is “Grails – Shoe Identification.” This programme is much more accurate than many human experts in identifying over 100,000 different pairs of shoes. For people looking for accurate and effective sneaker authentication, Grails stands out as a dependable tool thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and large database.


Original Puma shoes can be distinguished with an acute eye for detail and a dedication to buying from trustworthy sellers. You can tell the difference between real Puma shoes and fake ones with confidence by closely analyzing the logo, materials, labels, serial numbers, packaging, and prices. Recall that purchasing authentic Puma shoes guarantees not just comfort and style but also the superior quality and durability for which the brand is famous.