Hello friends, in this article, today we will give you Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers Review. If you are looking for beautiful looking Waterproof Sneakers for yourself, you can check them out.

This shoe is available in two color options Black and White. If you like to wear shoes according to the color of your choice, then this can be a good 24 for you.

Loomfootwear about

Loomfootwear is a new shoe brand, which is particularly known for its waterproof sneaker. This makes the world’s most comfortable shoes for men and women.

Loomfootwear Sneaker Offer

You can see what Loom footwear sneakers offer below.

Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers Review

Color, style, sizing

You can see this shoe in two colors, white and black. Perhaps more colors can be made available on their behalf in the future. But currently, only two color options are available.

This sneaker comes with a special straightforward pull-on design. This design makes this shoe much more beautiful and attractive. Also, its laces provide a good fitting.

This shoe is available in sizes from 6 to 13 for men and 5 to 11 for women.


Waterproof and moisture-wicking technology has been used to make it, which makes it a waterproof shoe. Four things have been used to make this shoe completely waterproof, which are as follows.

Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers Review

Loomwear Marino wool interior

High-quality Marino wool has been used to make this sneaker, which makes it breathable, anti-odor, antibacterial, durable, and super comfortable.

H2-Go Layer

This shoe uses H2-Go Layer, which makes it 100% waterproof and ventilated. And also prepares the knit layer and keeps your feet comfortable and dry in all climates.

Marino Wool Lined cushion

The Marino Wool and Lined cushion, when on your feet, allow you to live a great lifestyle without the pain or discomfort of a pillow. Whether you are traveling long in the mountains or walking in the neighborhood, this shoe cushion helps to stabilize the feet in every situation.

Excelcast sole

It is specially designed by a podiatrist, which maximizes the return of energy, absorbs shock, and protects the ankles and knees from the terrain.

Super comfortable

This shoe gives you a special type of cushioning system, which maintains constant comfort. It protects your feet from serious problems like injury and stretch.


This shoe comes with a non-marking rubber sole, which gives you uniform traction on a dry and wet surface.


The normal price for this shoe is $249. But currently selling it as a promotion for only $99. If you want to get an extra discount, you can use the TOPBESTSHOES coupon code and enjoy an extra 10% discount.


What I liked about it

Some things in this shoe I like very much and some are bad, which you can see below.

Lightweight & Flexible

If you talk about shoes, you have been given very good quality material, which makes them very light and airy.

If you are looking for a beautiful-looking shoe for your regular use, then you should go for it. Also, you get to see form-fitting, which increases flexibility to a great extent.

Eco friendly

The best thing about this shoe I found is that it has been prepared from the best Eco-Friendly form globally, which is a praiseworthy thing.


This shoe did not experience any pain during daytime use. This shoe has a special cushioning system, which continuously protects the feet from injuries and strain.

Its sole is also made with a premium containing non-marking rubber, making it much more flexible and slip-resistant. Also, multiple rounds have been given for a pleasant experience in it.

If you want to have a beautiful, durable, waterproof, and comfortable shoe for daily use, then you can go for this shoe.


This shoe is made with moisture-producing materials and antimicrobial properties, which destroy odor-causing bacteria. And keep the feet fresh all the time.


According to this company, it is claimed that it is a 100% waterproof sneaker, specially designed by waterproof and moisture-wicking technology.

When we wore it and did a waterproof test, this shoe passed. But if you wear it in deep water, you may feel frustrated. This shoe is capable of withstanding only light water.

Easy to wash

Its outer cover has been prepared with very good material so that you can wash it very easily.

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