Flare jeans have made a notable comeback in recent years, adding a touch of retro flair to contemporary fashion. These wide-leg jeans, characterized by their flared silhouette from the knee down, offer a unique style statement. However, choosing the right shoes to pair with flare jeans can make or break your outfit. In this blog post, we will explore various shoe options that perfectly complement flare jeans, taking into consideration different body types, occasions, and personal preferences.

Understanding Flare Jeans:

Flare jeans have a rich history, originating in the 1960s and gaining popularity throughout the 1970s. Today, they are regarded as a versatile fashion choice that adds drama and dimension to any ensemble. Flare jeans typically fit snugly around the hips and thighs and flare out from the knee, creating a bell-bottom effect. They come in various cuts, including high-waisted, low-rise, and cropped styles, catering to different fashion preferences.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Shoes:

When selecting shoes to wear with flare jeans, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, your body type and proportions play a crucial role in determining the ideal shoe style. For those with shorter legs, choosing heels can help create the illusion of elongation. Secondly, the occasion and overall outfit style should guide your footwear choice. For a casual look, you may opt for comfortable and laid-back shoe options, while dressier occasions call for more sophisticated choices. Lastly, personal comfort should not be overlooked, as you want to feel confident and at ease throughout the day.

What shoes to wear with flare jeans :

1. Chunky Heels: Embrace Height and Comfort

What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans

When it comes to pairing shoes with flare jeans, chunky heels are an excellent choice. The added height provided by the heels helps to balance the wide-legged silhouette of the jeans, creating a well-proportioned and elongated look. Opt for chunky heels in neutral tones like black, tan, or nude to keep the focus on your stylish jeans.

2. Platform Shoes: Elevate Your Style

What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans

Platform shoes are another fabulous option to wear with flare jeans. These shoes not only add height but also bring a trendy and retro vibe to your outfit. Choose platform shoes with a solid base to ensure stability and comfort. For a chic and polished look, opt for platform shoes in metallic shades like silver or gold.

3. Ankle Boots: Effortlessly Cool

what shoes to wear with flare jeans

If you’re aiming for an effortlessly cool and edgy ensemble, pair your flare jeans with ankle boots. Ankle boots, especially those with a pointed or chunky heel, perfectly balance the wide legs of the jeans, creating a sleek and stylish appearance. Black leather ankle boots are a classic choice, but you can also experiment with suede or embellished options for added flair.

4. Sandals: Embrace Casual Elegance

what shoes to wear with flare jeans

During warmer seasons, sandals are an ideal choice to wear with flare jeans. Opt for strappy sandals with a slight heel or wedge to maintain the leg-lengthening effect of the jeans. Metallic or neutral-colored sandals work well with both light and dark wash flare jeans, exuding casual elegance and summer vibes.

5. Sneakers: Sporty Chic

what shoes to wear with flare jeans

For a more laid-back and casual look, pair your flare jeans with sneakers. Sneakers effortlessly blend comfort and style, adding a touch of sporty chic to your outfit. White sneakers, in particular, create a clean and fresh look, allowing the attention to focus on the flare jeans. Consider adding a denim jacket to complete the effortlessly cool ensemble.

6. Mules: Effortless Sophistication

what shoes to wear with flare jeans

Mules offer a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, making them a versatile choice to wear with flare jeans. Opt for closed-toe mules with a chunky or block heel to maintain a cohesive look. Choose mules in bold colors or patterns to add a pop of personality and style to your outfit.

Considerations for Different Seasons:

The choice of shoes for flare jeans can vary depending on the season. In the summer, opt for sandals, espadrilles, or open-toe shoes that expose the feet and provide breathability. These options work well with cropped flare jeans, allowing you to showcase your footwear. In colder months, ankle boots, knee-high boots, or even thigh-high boots can keep you warm and stylish, depending on the length of your flare jeans. These boots add a touch of sophistication and create a sleek and polished appearance.

Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas:

For a casual look, pair flare jeans with a fitted t-shirt or a bohemian-inspired top, and complete the outfit with sneakers or sandals. This combination creates a laid-back and effortless style perfect for everyday wear. To dress up flare jeans for a more polished appearance, opt for blouses or shirts in luxurious fabrics, and pair them with heeled boots or pumps. Accessorize with belts, statement jewelry, or scarves to enhance your overall outfit and add personality.

Dos and Don’ts:


  1. Do experiment with different shoe styles to find your perfect match. Flare jeans offer versatility, so don’t be afraid to try out various options.
  2. Do consider the length of your flare jeans, as it will affect the choice of shoes and their visibility. Cropped flare jeans may require different shoe styles compared to full-length ones.


  1. Don’t pair flare jeans with shoes that overwhelm the style, such as extremely chunky or clunky footwear. Aim for a balanced and harmonious look.
  2. Don’t sacrifice personal comfort and functionality for the sake of style alone. Find shoe options that not only look great but also provide the comfort you need for everyday wear.

FAQs: What shoes to wear with flare jeans

Q: What shoes should I wear with flare jeans for a casual look?

A: For a casual look with flare jeans, you can pair them with various shoe styles such as:
Sneakers: Classic white sneakers or retro-style sneakers work well and offer a comfortable and laid-back vibe.
Flat sandals: Strappy sandals or slide sandals are great options, especially during warmer months or when aiming for a bohemian-inspired look.
Ankle boots: Choose ankle boots with a lower heel or flat sole to maintain a relaxed and effortless appearance.

Q: Can I wear heels with flare jeans?

A: Yes, wearing heels with flare jeans can create a stylish and elongating effect. However, it’s important to ensure the jeans are hemmed appropriately to avoid dragging on the ground. Here are some suitable heel options:

Platform heels: These can add height while maintaining a retro aesthetic that complements flare jeans.
Block heels: They provide stability and comfort, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.
Wedges: Wedge heels can offer a more casual and comfortable alternative to traditional heels.

Q: Are there any shoe styles to avoid with flare jeans?

A: While personal style preferences may vary, there aren’t any hard and fast rules. However, some shoe styles may not harmonize as well with flare jeans:

Stilettos: Extremely high and thin stiletto heels might look disproportional with the wide leg opening of flare jeans.
Chunky, heavy boots: These may create a contrasting aesthetic that doesn’t blend well with the flowy nature of flare jeans, though this combination could work for a specific edgy or grunge-inspired look if executed intentionally.
Sneakers with a bulky silhouette: If the sneakers have an overly chunky or bulky appearance, they may not complement the sleekness of flare jeans as effectively.

Last Word:

Choosing the right shoes to wear with flare jeans is essential for creating a cohesive and fashionable look. By understanding your body type, considering the occasion, and exploring various shoe options, you can find the perfect pairing that complements your flare jeans. Remember to have fun with your style, experiment with different shoe styles, and embrace your individuality. Let your flare jeans shine with the perfect shoes to match!